Ask the Artist: 3 questions to the label owner Aaron Lowe


Question 1: What have been your top musical references that influence you in the creative process of producing? Considering any style, not just electronics. 

Answer: That`s really hard to say. I find so much inspiration from so many different artists and styles of music, but certainly during the early years it Drum & Bass producers like Ed Rush & Optical, Total Science, Dillinja, Digital. Then as I was getting more serious about production (2009) it was right when Deadma5 was releasing his first tracks, which I loved and I was playing before most people knew who he was, also same thing with Wolfgang Gartner.  In Most recent years its been producers like Dusky, David Penn, Claptone to name a few. But I`ve always been motivated by jazz and of course dub reggae. That`s important for people to know that many of the production techniques that started electronic dance music come from the Dub Reggae producers of the 1960’s & 70’s like Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, etc.

Question 2: And what do you prefer - the creative process of composing a song, or the improvisation of doing a live dj set? 

Answer: Without any doubt I am a music producer before DJ. I do however love to DJ and there is an absolute high that comes from being connected with the whole crowd that is very very special, but my driving passion is to create my own music.


Question 3: We are always curious to discover new artists, who have their hallmark. What emerging artist would you recommend? 

Answer: I am really bad at giving recommendations about new music because I spend so much time making music that I probably listen to less new music than most people, but I for sure say to check out Bexxie’s and Redux Saints show’s on Data Transmission Radio.

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